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To enhance our business partners’ ability and open them up to national and international markets.



To be the most preferred business partner in domestic and international trade known by its holistic honesty, professional team and qualified partners.

As a result of our market research in domestic, Middle East, Gulf and African countries; Aynokom has emerged as a meeting platform for international investors who show interest in Turkey as well as local entrepreneurs who want to open up  their business to new opportunities. By integrating national and international markets and strengthening the corporate identities of entrepreneurs and companies, Aynokom provides answers and solutions on core business problems and increases the competitiveness in the national and international markets. It also strengthens the commercial operational capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises by supporting customs procedures and legal processes, establishing special demands on the international platform and supporting business negotiations and communication processes. Aynokom also enables company’s promotions and product catalogs to be posted in multi languages.

We have full confidence that Aynokom is capable of providing the best services for the entrepreneurs and companies in opening them to new markets and gaining corporate identity and global visibility which will deliver much stronger and integrated economy in Turkey and the neighboring regions.

Aynokom Tourism

Aynokom delivers cost effective and high quality services with it’s strategic partners and agencies globally for all members. Our professional team will get the most flexible and suitable solutions for our members to just fits their needs.

Aynokom Legal Services

Aynokom secures and protects it’s members with legal support on all business activities through it’s strategic partners.

Aynokom Education

Aynokom education service team provides holistic solutions for international students on their needs for a successful enrolment on language and undergraduate study in university programs.

Aynokom Business Development

Aynokom business development services are key stake holder of it’s members on growing their business.

Run your business in anywhere Aynokom is, as you are at home !

Aynokom Real Estate

Aynokom Real Estate platform opens our members to global markets and brings new opportunities in most cost effective way.

Corporate ID

Aynokom corporate identity development services are key stake holder of it’s members on creation of company identity.

Aynokom VIP

Aynokom VIP service team develops custom solutions according to specific needs of our members.

Aynokom International Trade

Aynokom provides best operational solutions with it’s strategic partners and agencies on international trading.

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