Doing Business in Sub Saharan and South Africa

Doing Business in Sub Saharan and South Africa

Aynokom’s ”Doing Business in Sub Saharan and South Africa” conference was held on February 23’th in Sakarya with the attendance of companies from Kocaeli and Sakarya Region with the support of Sakarya Technology development Zone. During conference Mr Ivan Lukas ( Programme Specialist Czech-UNDP Trust Fund) also introduced the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) to audiences and the existing opportunities specially in Caucasian Region.

Mr. Ralph Ertner  (CEO, INTO SA , partner of Aynokom for South and Sub Sharan Africa) has enlarged the knowledge of audiences about;

  • Establishing foreign companies, their products and services in Sub-Saharan African markets
  • Publishing and sharing latest information
  • How to react to legal act, provision, document or economic data
  • Assistance with Tenders and Joint Ventures
  • Corporate law South Africa
  • Immigration Law South Africa
  • Foreign Exchange Control
  • Comparison of Corporate Taxes and Tax Rate
  • Economies in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Wealth & Institutional Strength
  • Industry Sectors –Chances and Risks

Turkish entrepreneurs and business makers also fully informed about Sub Sharan countries in which they should focus on and in which to avoid due to political and economic situations leading into poor return in investment but also on which opportunities exists to win. Another outcome of the conference was to know where the opportunity exist and how to realize it into profitable trade and investment. Ways and methods to succeed in Africa.

It was also great opportunity for Aynokom Member companies to have one to one discussions to deeply understand the market, opportunities and the ways to be successfully penetrate into competition in those countries. We all have been delighted to observe the potential of Turkish service, manufacturing and construction companies in Africa and the best strategies how to be successful.

For more information about how to do business in Africa and next schedule of ”Doing Business in South and Sub Sharan Africa” conferences please contact with Aynokom Office.

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