Gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa

Aynokom is opening the gate of Afrika for entrepreneurs and investors in Eurasia,eafrica1
Gulf and Middle East Region with the most prestigious, reliable,high capable and operational business partner of Afrika. Searching for new possibilities and catching the opportunities are easier than ever for whom want to succeed in great continent. We are pleased to open your eyes to INTO SA.  Aynokom will be with you when you want to;


  • Find a new customer for your products and services
  • Find a new partner to extent your business footprint
  • Establish a company and run the businessSite-İçin-3
  • Be the first one to know about opportunities and investments
  • Company incorporations
  • BEE and CEE Compliance
  • Licenses, Approvals and Permits
  • Immigration Visas
  • Tax Registrations
  • Banking & FOREX


Tender opportunities and establishment facilitation is offered or an increasing variety of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and for a wide range of business and industry sectors. For the Aynokom and eAFRICA members we assure our members to be provided with the latest updates on legal frameworks, political stability and economic key factors so that we to ensure new contracts in an environment that is safe and successful.


About INTO SA,


Established in 1995, INTO SA assists foreign companies venturing with their brands and products into Sub-Saharan Africa, by offering a safe and sound legal framework for doing business safe and successfully. INTO SA provides assistance and services in all aspects of Company Set-Ups, Immigration Visas to any Sub-Sahara African destination, facilitation of all Tax Registrations, Business & Sector Licenses as well as strategic guidance to comply with local empowerment legislation such as BEE (South Africa) or CEE (Zambia).


INTO SA will be your multi-disciplinary Advisory Partner, who provides any business with the Experience, Transparency and Integrity to succeed in Sub-Saharan Africa. In South African the company and all its branches are recognized to be a BEE Contributor Level 1 and provide all clients with a dedicated multi-lingual team of legal, fiscal and economic experts, collectively benefiting from over one hundred years of university education and experience. More than Three Hundred Successful Business Establishments with a total investment of just over Eight Billion South African Rand give testimony to the fact that providing new ventures with old knowledge will inevitably lead to success.


Furthermore Into SA operates with the (eAFRICA Platform) a unique gateway to access any market in Sub-Saharan Africa. Whether it is African Government tenders or contacts to or the establishment of own distribution channels and networks, the membership in this Platform ensures that the experience and the knowledge specific to each country enabled is our clients’ companion on every step of the way into a new African market.


eAfrica team assists in a wide variety of legal fields, ranging from general consulting to the draft and review of any legal document, from company to labor law and from the laws of empowerment to the laws on estates. When entering Sub-Saharan Africa – no matter where – knowledge of the legal , fiscal and economic prerequisites of conducting business are the key to success which eAFRICA members gets.


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