Highlights of Qatar

Highlights of Qatar

In general, Qatar has a significant trade surplus. Foreign trade surplus of $ 92 billion in 2011 reached to $ 111 billion in 2015. With the rapid economic growth in recent years, the increase in imports has been faster than the increase in exports, but the increase in the international market prices of energy resources, the main item in exports, leads to a surplus of trade.

What Businessmen Need to Watch on the Market

Qatar is a cosmopolitan country whose local population is 20% of the population. Careful attention should be given to the contact with any ethnic group when conducting business negotiations. Local traders have a long tradition of trade culture and are very successful in commercial negotiations. Products in shopping stores are always subject to market.

Business negotiations should not be passed quickly. Business negotiations should first be discussed in personal matters, and after a certain period of time business negotiations should begin. The Arabs are not open to harsh criticism. It is appropriate to use indirect routes when a criticism is to be made. Meetings can start later than specified. We do not give much importance to punctuality. However, it will be convenient for you to attend the meeting time. It is beneficial that all verbal agreements are concluded at the same time.

It is very important to establish mutual trust before starting work in Qatar. Fortunate business people prefer to do business through an acquaintance. Personal contact is very important and it is not preferable to trade with people they do not know via e-mail. Majlis gathered in the place where the topics are discussed in a more relaxed atmosphere and coffee, meetings are usually held in the morning or evening.

In Qatar, too much attention is given to family life. Due to family problems, job interviews can be interrupted or canceled. It is a bit more difficult and slower to do business in Qatar than in the west, and it is necessary to be patient during business negotiations.

It is recommended that no job interviews are scheduled during the month of Ramadan and religious holidays in August, the hottest month of the year. Islamic calendar uses the lunar calendar. The month is 28 and there are 354 days in 12 months. As a result, religious festivals are held every year at different times. Before the appointment is requested, attention must be paid to what the festivals are going to be. Requesting an appointment on Friday for business negotiations will not be welcomed. On Friday, worship and family meetings were organized.

Qatar is a country that has accelerated its modernization in recent years. However, the traditional structure of the people should not be ignored by looking at the modern image of the country.

In the case of mutual talk, one should not be asked about the wife of a person. Instead, you might be asked how the children are. Any physical contact against women should be avoided. The woman must shake hands in case her hand stretches to shake hands. Handshake among men is widespread. The other side can also be saluted by being taken on the hand-held heart. The most common greeting is “Salam alaykum”, “Wa alaykum as-salam”. It is beneficial to learn some basic Arabic words for greeting.

Eye contact is important during the conversation. However, the eyes of the ladies should not be looked into. Talking about country meals will be an appropriate topic. Soccer is very popular in the country and it is a good place to talk. “Inshallah” is often used even when speaking English.

Passport and Visa Processing

Diplomatic, personal and service passports are not visa-free. Umma Passport holders can get a 10-day visa for 30 dollars at Doha International Airport if they book a hotel in Qatar.


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