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    STM Coatech was founded in 2013 to provide certification education and training services in the field of International Paint Inspection and in the field of SSPC (Society of Protective Coatings) Protective Coatings. Our founders are SSPC and Nace Leader Instructors. They are experienced chemists in the coating sector with Nace CIP level 3, SSPC PCI Level 3, PCS, CCI, C1, C2, C7, C12, Bgas certificates. In addition to the official license of SSPC Trainings in Turkey; its SSPC training certificates are also internationally licensed in Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan and Algeria. This company’s sense of work since it was founded until now is based on perfectionism and forward progress and with this understanding it has provided several services in the field of education, training, consulting, contract writing, quality consulting (ISO 9001 and SSPC QP )  and it has even provided inspectors for big projects and companies domestically and internationally.

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    SSPC PCI Paint Inspector’s Level 1- 2 Training and Certification-STM COATECH

    SSPC PCI Level 1&2


    Inspector with a level 2 certificate- requirement: must have an experience in inspecting and controlling paints
    Level: Advanced
    Duration: 6 days, course, course’s exam and the certificate included

    certification validity period: 4 years
    The Language of Education: Turkish, including course materials and exams. (Training can also be given in English if requested)
    Course Location : Sakarya, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Turkey and other countries where we are licensed.

    Course Fees: Please also note that ** We have discounts on prior registration and group registration by date order